Educational event LEADERSHIP GOLF CONFERENCE was first organized and took place in 2010 and was focused on the development, construction, architecture, management, and marketing of golf resorts.

The conference is targeted at contractors, owners, general managers, and other experts interested in either investing in the golf industry or golf business itself. 


U.S. KIDS GOLF International program

U.S. KIDS GOLF activity areas include kids golf tournaments organization; - это организация детских турниров по гольфу; specifically developed learning programs for kids; Family course installation; summer kids golf camps organization; and purposely designed kids golf products.

U.S. Kids Golf mission is to help kids learn to play Golf while having fun and encourage interaction between all family members.


News website GOLFONLINE

GOLFONLINE.SK is a special-purpose news website focused on the golf industry featuring golf courses development and construction, greenkeeping, as well as the regeneration and reconstruction of golf facilities.

The site's core target is popularization and promotion of the game of Golf along with assistance in the vocational preparation of the golf industry experts.


GREEN CORRIDOR teams of experts

Our GREEN CORRIDOR qualified teams to deliver professional turfgrass maintenance to golf courses, football pitches, as well as large landscape projects.

Our experts perform turfgrass analyses and diagnostics; develop conceptual design and garden projects; and carry out all necessary agronomical procedures. 


IMPROVE YOUR BASKETBALL (sports development project)

IMPROVE YOUR BASKETBALL initiative is aimed at helping professional basketball players. 

Even though the sport is difficult and ambitious; basketball is a collective kind of sports; this informational and inspiring project focuses on personality development both in sports and life in general.